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Pembrokeshire lawn mower dealers offering a range of lawn mower and garden machinery services including Sales, Service, Repair, Spares and Parts.  Pembrokeshire Lawn Mower Dealers can be found in major cities and towns of Pembrokeshire as well as across the more rural areas of the county.

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About Lawn Mowers

Cylinder mowers can be electric, petrol powered or simply hand pushed. The blades rotate vertically like a cylinder against a bottom blade and this gives a scissor-like cut and a well manicured lawn. These mowers are perfect for level lawns where a really fine, short cut is required. They come with a variety of cutting widths, rollers for a striped effect and detachable grass collection boxes so you can choose whether or not to collect the clippings.

Rotary – Rotary mowers are extremely versatile and cope with most types of lawn and rougher grassy areas or difficult, sloping banks. Choose from either electric or petrol driven models and either manual push or self-propelled.

If you have a big area to mow or you have difficulty in pushing a lawnmower, then a self-propelled model is definitely worth considering although it might be slightly more expensive. On a rotary mower the blades rotate horizontally at the selected cutting height and the grass is thrown out at the back into a grass collection box. If you don't want to collect the clippings you simply take the box off.

Hover – Hover mowers are rotary mowers that literally hover over the surface of the grass. Generally without wheels, some models do now have rear wheels to make it easier to move them into position prior to use. However, as most models need to be carried, this has led to their lightweight design. The handle folds so the machine can be hung from a shed or garage wall making them extremely space efficient too.

A hover mower is ideal for small to medium gardens, while a bigger model could cope with a medium to large lawn – although the trailing cable will always be a nuisance. Some models come with an integrated grass collection box. If you want to keep your lawn neat and tidy, then a hover mower will do a great job but if you want a high quality cut then it's not the best choice.

About Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is a county in the southwest of Wales. Pembrokeshire was founded upon Dyfed until its conquest by the Normans in the late 11th century.

Pembrokeshire is a maritime county bordered by the sea on three sides, by Ceredigion to the north east and by Carmarthenshire to the east. Its economy relies heavily on tourism, but agriculture is still important and petrochemical and liquid natural gas industries have been developed on the banks of the Cleddau Estuary.

The county has a coastline comprising of important seabird breeding sites and numerous bays and sandy beaches. Pembrokeshire boasts a predominantly coastal National Park known as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which includes a 186-mile walking trail known as the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. A large estuary and natural harbour at Milford Haven cuts deeply into the coast formed by the confluence of the Western Cleddau (which goes through Haverfordwest), the Eastern Cleddau and rivers Cresswell and Carew. The estuary is bridged by the large Cleddau Bridge which bears the A477 between Neyland and Pembroke Dock; upstream bridges are found crossing the Cleddau at Haverfordwest and Canaston.

In the north of the county are the Preseli Hills (Mynydd Preseli), a wide stretch of high moorland with many prehistoric monuments and the source of the bluestones used in the construction of the inner circle of Stonehenge in England.

Elsewhere the county is relatively flat, most of the land being used for lowland farming of dairy cows, arable crops, oil seed rape and the well-known Pembrokeshire Potato. Pembrokeshire's mild climate means that crops such as its famous new potatoes often arrive in British shops earlier in the year than produce from other parts of the UK. As well as arable crops the other main agricultural activities are dairy farming of cattle for milk and cheese, sheep farming, beef production and other arable crops such as rapeseed. Falling farm incomes have led to diversification into other novel farming and tourism related activities.

The former large sea fishing industry around Milford Haven is now greatly reduced, although limited commercial fishing still takes place.

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