What is mulching?

Mulching is becoming increasingly popular and used on a regular basis, is an efficient way to recycle your grass clippings back into your lawn. Grass clippings are cut into extra fine particles that are blown down into the lawn to decompose and return valuable nutrients to the soil. There are dedicated mulching garden tractors and walk-behind mowers, with many mowers also having the option to mulch by simply inserting a mulching plug into the discharge chute.

Save time

Mulching your lawn is much quicker than collecting the grass – eliminating the need to stop multiple times to empty the grass collector. You can mow your lawn or grass area without stopping – typically saving at least 30% of the time it would take with a collecting mower to finish the job.

Save money

As well as saving you time, mulching also saves you money, as the time your mower will be running will be approx. 30% shorter – so that is 30% less fuel your mower will be consuming! It also saves you money as you no longer need to purchase commercial fertilisers for your lawn, with your own natural ‘mulch’ fertiliser that is completely free!

Feed your lawn

The number one benefit of mulching is a healthy and fabulous looking lawn.

A typical half-acre lawn can produce 4.5 tonnes of grass clippings each season. Those clippings contain as much 55 kilos of nitrogen. If you use a mulching mower or the mulching option, that is enough nitrogen to keep your lawn as healthy and green as using any commercial fertiliser. Your lawn also benefits from a steady natural diet with each cut, rather than periodic high doses of chemical fertilisers.

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