Hints and Tips for February

Firstly, just a reminder, seed and plant suppliers were swamped with orders last spring with the increased interest in gardening, lockdowns etc. so get those orders in early!

Dig and turn the compost heap to aerate the contents and water if necessary, to aid compost production.

Lay black polythene on the soil surface to warm it for early seed sowing.

Consider purchasing a soil thermometer to help with outside sowing times (soil needs to be 10 degrees and above).

Its recommended you purchase this year’s compost for seed sowing. Fertilizer in last year’s bags will have degraded, possibly releasing ammonia which can kill germinating seed.

Outside, remember a clean start is everything, so remove all weeds and fallen twigs and dead leaves where pests and diseases can shelter.

Digging, manuring and mulching can all be tackled if soil and weather conditions allow.

Finally, we have all become a lot more conscious of our wildlife over the last year or so. Do you have a nesting box for birds? If not, you may want to fit one and encourage our feathered friends to your garden this spring!