Lawn Mowers

A must-have garden tool, a manoeuvrable machine that utilises one or more revolving blades in order to precisely cut a grass surface to an even height. From petrol lawn mowers, electric lawn mowers, ride on lawn mowers to self-propelled lawn mowers. “Walk-behind” mowers are either hand-propelled or self-propelled. Hand-propelled means the engine only drives the cutter blade, therefore, the user needs to push the mower themselves. Otherwise, they are self-propelled, in which the engine drives the mower forwards, so all the user needs to do is walk behind and guide it around the lawn. They come with a huge range of different features and benefits to suit any size garden, from large garden tractors to small electric lawnmowers.

Choose from versatile cutting systems, different power sources and accessories such as cutting compressors to compact the grass cuttings, meaning fewer stops to empty the grass collector.

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