What’s New in Gardening? Battery Power!

Our features on future developments in gardening proved very popular with gardeners in 2023, so we have decided to continue for 2024.

Look out for new growing techniques and plant varieties during the year to use in the garden, mostly adapted from techniques and new plants used in commercial horticulture.

Also featuring will be the use of technology in developing composts, fertilizers and that perennial problem for gardeners – controlling pests and diseases without the need for toxic chemicals!

To ‘set’ the ball rolling, a quick word about garden equipment and in particular lawn mower units.

The choice of mowers grows by the day and there are constant developments in both petrol and electric units.

Personally though, I have ‘gone electric’ having purchased a mower with a battery capable of powering other gardening equipment when the mower is not in use. Gradually I have added a strimmer, hedge cutters and even a small chain saw. All powered by the same battery I use for the mower – and may I say I am very impressed by how long one battery charge lasts!

So be aware, there are lots of developments coming along in garden equipment to make your garden tasks easier!