What’s New in Gardening? House plants can improve our health and well-being.

The world of gardening is always changing and in recent years has become so fast it’s a struggle to keep up with!

For instance, many of us love house-plants, but how many of us know that they can actually be beneficial to our health! It has been known for some years that house plants can promote a sense of well-being, but there can be specific benefits too!

Let’s take a look at just a few findings:

The presence of plants can improve pain tolerance

Plants in an office environment can improve productivity

Plants have been shown to lower stress levels in the workplace

They can speed up human reaction in computer tasks

They improve human attention span

Plants in a room can help lower human blood pressure

Research has also shown that some plants can protect us by absorbing certain substances injurious to human health that may filter into our offices and homes.

Some examples of suitable plants would be:

Benzene contaminant absorbers

Ficus elastic – the Rubber Plant

Dracaena marginata – Madagascar Dragon Tree

Clorophytum comosum – Spider Plant

Formaldehyde absorbers

Spathyphyllum sp. – Peace Lily

Rhapis excelsa – Bamboo Palm

These are just some examples of how plants can enhance our lives. We have much more to learn of the benefits they can bring us in improving our health and well-being!