Grass not getting picked up?

  • Check that the mulching plug (if your mower has this function) is not in place. The mulching plug blocks the grass chute to allow you to mulch and needs to be removed to collect grass via the chute. Mulching plugs are easy to remove – check your manual if you are unsure.
  • Check the underside of your mower – clear any grass or debris from the blade and underside of your deck.
  • Check the grass chute is not blocked.
  • Check that the grass collector is correctly attached and assembled.
  • If your grass collector is a fabric one check for dry grass or debris stuck to the inside. Use a hard bristled brush and give the inside a brush – air needs to circulate through the fibres to maximise grass pick up.
  • If grass is very long, the amount of grass may be the issue. Try raising the deck and cutting the grass at a higher setting first before lowering the deck and cutting a second time to the desired length.
  • If the grass is very wet, it may clump and be difficult to collect. Wait for the grass to dry out before cutting.

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