Gardening Calendar : November

Some thoughts to make your gardening easier and save money!

Lift and store garden canes in a dry shed or garage to prolong their useful life.

Remove fruit netting, dry off and store for the winter.

Leaves – fallen leaves are a great source both for making leaf mould or adding to the compost heap. Perhaps you have an elderly or disabled neighbour where you could tidy the garden and harvest the fallen leaves?

Don’t ignore the weeding – they can grow throughout the winter!

Practice good garden hygiene – e.g., dead leaves around the base of roses may harbour ‘black-spot’ fungal disease to re-infect plants next year.

Clean and disinfect the greenhouse before the winter.

Spread well-rotted farmyard manure over your veg plot and flower borders to rot down through winter to benefit existing plants and those planted in the new year.

If you want a winter project, then consider building some raised beds for your vegetables. They make gardening easier on the back!

So, there’s plenty to do in your November garden, but find the time to take a walk around with your notebook to assess your gardening year. Successes, failures, plants needing replacing or perhaps a winter project to get underway?

One thing about being a gardener, we all have to be optimists – and there’s always next year!