Gardening Calendar : December

Send off your mower for servicing before putting away for the winter.

Check winter protection on tender shrubs and herbaceous borders.

Inspect the insulation on outdoor taps and replace if necessary. Protect clay pots which will remain outside with fleece or bubble wrap to prevent frost damage.

Reduce watering houseplants through winter.

Christmas Wreaths – consider making your own, it’s quite easy!

Spare a thought for your Christmas tree – and your carpets! To begin with, choose a type of tree that retains its needles. If the tree has been sawn, saw off a further 2” and soak in water overnight before sitting in your chosen container.

Planting roses? Choose a new site, as roses may suffer from a disorder known as – ‘replant problem’ when planted on the same site.

Should there be an early snowfall, if it lies heavy on the branches of trees and shrubs, knock the snow off with a broom or similar, as the snow weight may snap branches.

Dig over borders and apply a layer of farmyard manure or garden compost. The worms will incorporate deeper in the soil during the winter.

Check bulbs, corms etc. in storage for any signs of rot

Clean and sharpen tools before putting away for the winter.

Check over garden fences and make any repairs to prevent gale damage.

Remove filters and pumps from garden ponds and store for winter.

It seems a quiet time, but as you can see, there’s a lot to do, but you need your rest, so take it easy over Christmas lazing in front of the fire and leafing through those seed and plant catalogues!