Whats new in gardening? Lawns

As one year follows another, we gradually gain experience, find something that works and tend to stick with it. In practice however, gardening is constantly changing be it new varieties of plant or new growing techniques and so, for 2023, read our monthly column of what’s new to make your garden flourish!

This month we look at lawns:

Tending our lawns has become much easier over the years and the development of battery power in a variety of lawncare equipment has been a big factor in reducing our labour input.

Grass varieties too have improved so much with breeding work resulting in a number of so-called ‘fine-leaved’ rye grasses. So what are these and what are the benefits?

Thinking of sowing a new lawn? Your first decision is what kind of lawn do you want e.g. hard-wearing for general use, or perhaps a highly ornamental type? Rye seed grasses are important in this choice as traditionally they have been broad-leaved and hard-wearing but perhaps not the best in appearance. Thanks then to the plant breeders, enter then the ‘fine-leaved’ rye grasses which were hard-wearing yet good on the eye too. ‘Sprinter’ is an example of one of the first.

These new ryegrasses are now widely used in the lawn seed mixtures we buy at the garden centres and also lay as turves, greatly improving our lawns performance and enhancing their appearance.

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