Paddling Pools – Lawn Survival Tips

Paddling pools become a staple piece of garden furniture for many families during the summer.  Whilst these plastic blow- up pools provide plenty of fun for the kids they can also play havoc with your lawn.  Many people leave their pools filled with water for days and sometimes weeks and when the pool is eventually moved they are left with an unsightly side effect – a very yellow patch of dead grass!

To avoid this problem here are some very easy tips you can follow:

  • Move the pool every day  – Grass needs light to produce chlorophyll which gives it its green colour, without chlorophyll grass cannot make food and starts to die off.  Releasing the pressure on the grass from the weight of the water will also limit the damage to the lawn.
  • When emptying your pool distribute the water around the garden otherwise you could end up overwatering a particular section of lawn and creating a muddy sludge.
  • Place the pool on the patio instead of the grass – a great idea is to place foam mats under the pool, this not only makes the pool softer but can also prevent slips and falls when the kids jump in and out of the pool.

If you have killed off a section of lawn by leaving anything in place for too long, remove the offending item and allow the area at least a week to recover and dry out.  Sow fresh seed, water well and let nature take its course.