Preparing the Greenhouse for Summer Seedlings

It may not be the most glamorous of tasks but cleaning and repairing the greenhouse in preparation for the season’s seedlings, cuttings and plug plants is best done before you get too busy.  Removing algae, moss and grime will let more light in and will also help to control pests and disease.

Choose a dry breezy day so you can leave windows and vents open allowing the wind to quickly dry wet surfaces.  Remove any plants to a garage, lean-to or even the house and then empty the greenhouse of the remaining clutter.  Brush down the framework and any shelves and clean the glass inside and out; a slim plastic plant label is ideal for cleaning out the algae and debris from between the overlapping panes.  Check your greenhouse flooring as you may need to replace or refresh it, dispose of old pots and trays or wash them before re-use and only return items that are essential.

Finally check your gutters for collected leaves and debris, which could filter down into water butts.  Brush out the rubbish before it flows into the downpipes. Empty out water butts and clean out any accumulated dirt in the bottom, then put them back into place.