What’s New in Gardening? – The November Garden

Many people believe that home gardening has changed little over the years and that traditional ways are the best.

Over the last few months in “What’s New in Gardening,” we have learnt just how far from the truth this is, so, as the new catalogues appear, here are just a few things to look forward to improve your gardening next year:

Pest & disease control – chemical controls are increasingly being banned, but it’s good for our environment. Look for an answer in ‘Biological’ treatments, becoming increasingly available by in garden centres or by mail order. It’s the future for our gardening.

Plant breeding – what can this bring the home gardener?

Well, it can be another route to pest and disease control. Increasingly we are seeing vegetables, fruit and flowers being bred with resistance to previous problems.

Improved Nutrition – an exciting new area with vegetable and fruit varieties being bred with increased levels of vitamins and other nutrients.

There’s an exciting future out there for use gardeners!

So there’s plenty to do in your November garden, but find the time to take a walk around with your notebook to assess your gardening year. Successes, failures, plants needing replacing or perhaps a winter project to get under way?

One thing about being a gardener, we all have to be optimists – and there’s always next year!